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Bon Jovi: The Story by Bryan Reesman review

Livin’ on a perm

Cover artwork for Bon Jovi: The Story - Bryan Reesman

It’s all about the hair, really. While other bands had worse hairstyles during the 80s, Bon Jovi’s success made them the face of hair metal. When they staged their 90s come-back with Keep The Faith, they trimmed their hair.

The problem with the Bon Jovi story is that it’s almost impossible to get beyond their carefully controlled public image and Jon Bon Jovi’s insistence that what goes on inside the “Jersey Syndicate” stays within the syndicate. So just why the band nearly broke up between New Jersey and Keep The Faith is not revealed. When bassist Alec John Such spilled a couple of beans he was soon jettisoned.

Bryan Reesman does his best, and this is probably the most informative Bon Jovi book so far. But he fails to crack the omerta, and Richie Sambora’s departure in 2014 remains a mystery. Last seen, Jon Bon Jovi had gone grey. Enough said.