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Bobaflex: Hell In My Heart

Booze-lovin’ Southern rockers fail to go the distance

It must be fun in West Virginia, all whiskey-drinking and heavy petting while a groin-thrusting band plays on the jukebox and a clan of bikers pick a fight. Well, that’s the vibe Bobaflex give.

Playing from the book of Monster Magnet and Avenged Sevenfold, these guyliner-clad rapscallions have enough verve to get you in the mood for hedonism.

Vampire, about a bloodsucking femme fatale, is a choice cut that throws them into the echelons of Papa Roach, with a surprise bit of rhythmic bass that harks back to 70s funk. Same goes for Bury Me With My Guns (everyone loves a collective ‘Heeeey!’) and the hyperactive Chemical Valley. You can’t blame a band for chucking their best songs at the front of an album, but with 15 tracks plus a bonus live CD it means the rest is borderline disposable.

It’s not all lost; Bobaflex have been treading the boards for long enough (since ’99, man) that they know how to play to get chicks, but ending with a cover of Simon & Garfunkel’s Sound Of Silence is kind of a cheap shot. But maybe that’s how they get those chicks’ parents to approve?