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Bloodshot Dawn: Demons

British melo-death mob continue to turn the screw

There’s something satisfying about hearing a band continue to deliver on the promise they showed early on. Having given the melodic death metal scene a boot up the arse with their self-titled debut album, Bloodshot Dawn’s follow-up has, aptly, been funded by a Kickstarter campaign.

Second track Consequence Complex goes off like a Gatling gun and everything that fans have come to love from the UK noisemongers – face-ripping riff assaults, blistering solo work, breakneck blastbeats and melodic sensibilities – is here, but Demons has turned everything up a few notches.

The songwriting and musicianship are stronger than ever, and with the addition of Janne Jaloma behind the kit it’s all as tight as hell. With a top-notch production job to boot, Demons highlights what a top-class act Bloodshot Dawn are./o:p