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Black Widow: Sacrifice: Definitive Collectors Edition

Satanic proggers’ debut revisited, with added nudity.

There is a distinct whiff of Spinal Tap about the Black Widow story. The Leicester psych-rockers released their debut album as a soul band called Pesky Gee! just a year previously, but saw a lucrative angle in switching to satanically themed proto-prog.

Nude dancers at their live shows and a Tap-esque hit single called Come To The Sabbat (‘Come to the Sabbat, Satan’s there!’) helped this debut album achieve brief tabloid notoriety, if not big sales.

The album has other briefly diverting moments (such as the Deep Purple-ish title track) and some laughable ones (the bossa nova jazz intro to Seduction – the devil does cabaret!).

This reissue also includes a live performance DVD that shows they pulled off a pretty convincing beelzebub-bothering live act, culminating in the stage floor ‘sacrifice’ of an unnamed and increasingly unclothed German Fräulein in the name of Old Nick. Ye gods!/o:p