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Black Crown Initiate: The Wreckage Of Stars

Rising stars pummel with a slab of progressive aggression

Since blasting out of nowhere last year with their well-received debut EP, fans of Black Crown Initiate have been chomping at the bit to see if they could live up to their initial promise.

A year on and the Pennsylvanian five- piece have the answer in the shape of this debut full-length. And what an answer it is. It’s full-on sledgehammer brutality, yet never afraid to veer into progressive territories. Tracks such as opener Great Mistake move seamlessly from their Behemoth-esque assault into passages of soaring clean vocals and Opeth-like quieter moments, while Malignant manages to switch things up by throwing in a jazzy interlude amid the blackened-death assault. Pretty impressive for a band that’s been around for just two years; it’s exciting to think of how far they could go.