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Big Boy Bloater & The Limits: Luxury Hobo

B-movie madness and 21st-century soul-searching collide.

Raucous, rollicking good-time blues with its tongue firmly in its cheek is the order of the day with Luxury Hobo, Big Boy Bloater’s first release on Mascot.

The raconteur and presenter of TeamRock Radio’s The Blues Magazine Show is not afraid to embrace the gloriously preposterous, from the misunderstood monster of It Came Out Of The Swamp to the vengeful, neglected android of Robot Girlfriend, all narrated in his gruff bellow and backed by amped-up, full-tilt blues-rock noise.

So it’s interesting when, beneath all the bluster, he opens up and exposes his own fears and struggles, the boozy bonhomie of the title track turning the blues on its head by admitting life has never been better, and yet still darkness and ennui draw in on his mental state. There’s a lot of heart powering this particular party.