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Bad Touch - Truth Be Told album review

Underwhelming second album from the Norfolk quintet

Truth be told, Bad Touch are not normal for Norfolk (where this five-piece call home) but that doesn’t make them extraordinary everywhere else. Their most commercial song, 99% (one of two here remixed by Chris Kimsey), romps along nicely enough but like all the better tracks, just sounds like a formulaic rewrite of someone else (in this case the Stones).

Outlaw sounds like latter-day Skynyrd; One More Night, a wannabe Black Crowes. When they get heavy on Waiting For This, they forget all pretence at being Stonesy/southern-fried rockers and lumber clumsily into would-be Led Zeppelin territory.

Bad Touch are okay, but on this evidence, unlikely to rise above pubs and clubs any time soon. Truth be told, there’s nothing we haven’t heard before.