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Bad Religion: The Dissent Of Man

Album No.15 from pioneering LA agit-prop punks.

With an ever- changing and volatile lineup, Bad Religion’s three decades

Dissent… finds them (finally?) settled, marking the first time the band have kept the same lineup for four consecutive albums. The dividends are obvious. The Resist Stance is an exhilarating salvo of everything that made Bad Religion great, sky-scraping guitars launched at breakneck speed, cross-patterned harmonies and a combative/uplifting lyric.

The ebullient mood, a miraculous merging of their hardcore chops with bursts of light and musical colour, is let down by the derivative Turn Your Back On Me and the cliché-bound Where The Fun Is.

Thankfully, tying up the album’s concept in fine style, I Won’t Say Anything drops molten guitar honey on a sun-kissed LA backdrop, Greg Graffin riding the whirlwind with a force and conviction echoed by his cohorts. Amen.