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Bad Cop: Harvest The Beast

Channelling the spirit of Blue Cheer.

Fuzzed up to the eyeballs and obviously fuelled on a love of all things 60s and lo-fi, Bad Cop don’t just play garage, they sound like they were born in one and are still living there.

Star of this particularly greasy psyche ’n’ roll show is vocalist Adam Anyone, whose reverb-drenched howling is perfectly complemented by some suitably unhinged, needles-in-the-red guitar work, topped with sound effects beamed in from the planet Freak Out.

Picking top tunes from the mayhem is a ridiculously futile task – it all sounds gloriously chaotic, everything teetering on the edge of catastrophe – but the choppy Judas The Snake and ultra-cool Time After Time do offer a distillation of what Bad Cop are capable of.

At just under half an hour, this is a furious and frantic set that leaves you wanting an encore.