Awe: Providentia

Imperious Greek voyagers go the full distance

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Consisting of three lengthy introspective compositions of blackened death metal, Greece’s Awe certainly live up to their moniker as Providentia slowly builds up its momentum and rumbles to life, exploring cavernous gulfs of tar-black atmospherics and void-like passages of discordance.

Tempos eventually shift forward into murkier strains of old-guard black metal and tremolo-driven disorientation, similar to Irkallian Oracle or fellow countrymen Embrace Of Thorns, and at times slows into sparse moments of minimal rumination.

In keeping with the moods and mystique the band weaves on Providentia, it’s hardly surprising that the musicians have opted to keep their identities a secret, as Awe’s reflective music should be absorbed without any distraction.

Aside from a recent conceptual split EP with fellow Greek bands End and Vacantfield, the band strive to distance themselves from their contemporaries and stand alone. The labyrinthine focus of each composition proves that Awe aren’t a band to be relegated to background music, but demand your full, rapt attention.