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Avantasia: The Mystery Of Time

An explosive rock opera from metal supergroup

After 14 years of rock operas, Edguy’s Tobias Sammet has created Avantasia’s most indulgent symphonic metal release. He’s previously worked with some impressive names, including Alice Cooper and Within Temptation’s Sharon den Adel, and this time he’s roped in members of Rainbow, Magnum and Saxon – Biff Byford makes an appearance on three tracks – not forgetting the 60-piece German Film Orchestra, who have worked with Rammstein.

One thing’s for certain: Tobias knows how to create some very dramatic ear candy. Time is not only deliciously OTT but also seeks influences from many of the same corners as genre leaders Nightwish and Epica.

The inventive frontman’s distinctive vocals complement the awesome instrumentation on songs like the sultry Sleepwalking, the Iron Maidenesque The Watchmaker’s Dream and the stunning Saviour In The Clockwork. It may lack the galloping power metal of debut The Metal Opera, but this opus makes up for it in cinematic quality.