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Astrolites: Play For Keeps

Swedish rockabilly cool cats.

Firmly fixated on girls, tattoos, hot rods, girls, booze and girls, Astrolites have pretty much got the essence of rock’n’roll down pat.

Dubbing themselves ‘high-speed rockabilly’ (is there any other kind?), they spend most of this album living up to their own billing. They kick into opener Chop Top ’49 with such hunger and aggression that there’s a danger things might slip downhill thereafter.

Fortunately, the twangy, reverb-drenched mayhem just keeps tumbling out of the speakers at breakneck pace. The only mis-step is an oddly plodding cover of Johnny Horton’s I’m Coming Home.

Apart from that, this is authentically retro and sounds like it ought to be the soundtrack to a bar-room brawl.