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Artificial Brain: Labyrinth Constellation

Old-school death metal with a distinctly sci-fi vibe

Death metal has always been the realm of the mad, the slightly batshit insane and of horror and chaos. Artificial Brain are no strangers to that path, but their sci-fi-influenced space madness is a somewhat different to the current US death metal sound.

Formed by Dan Gargiulo of Revocation, Artificial Brain throw a heightened sense of technicality into their fray and work the intense guitar lines around tripped-out keyboards (Absorbing Black Ignition) and vocals that are as bottom heavy as they are gutturally painful. Labyrinth Constellation is rooted in the old-school vibe but Artificial Brain bring a modern sense of style to the genre. On Wired Opposites they drag themselves ever further into the universal abyss with a sly segue into blacker territory which gives the record a dastardly edge.

Labyrinth Constellation is an assured and heavy debut that traverses time, space and all known configurations of sound. Artificial Brain are a band who leave the disgusting tones of most new death metal at the edge of the cosmos and instead head fully for the stars.