Apparatus: Apparatus

The sort of sounds Cthulhu would have on his iPod

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No, not the melodic death/black outfit from Trondheim that released an album then split and formed caveman metallers Goat The Head (what do you mean, you don’t remember?).

This Apparatus is instead a Danish vehicle for unrestrained Cthulhu worship formed by members of Eldjudnir and Defilementory and displays an unholy marriage of metallic influences, death and black metal being two of the ingredients here along with a generous serving of discordant and abrasively crushing doom.

The Lovecraftian themes that inspire this nightmare-inducing cacophony are well reflected in the dark and downtempo tracks, the guttural vocals and despairing riffs being sure to appeal to fans of death-doom, funeral doom and generally creepy, heavy music in general. Numbers such as King God offer a healthy sense of dynamics with their cavernous, percussive bombardment and a sort of Portal-meets-Revenge feeling.

The creeping dread remains throughout and while those looking for catchy, memorable tunes might be better served elsewhere, for those willing and able to immerse themselves in utter darkness, this is a good place to start.