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Anvil: Anvil Is Anvil

‘Yo-ho-ho, we be the scurvy scum... Yo-ho-ho, Yo-ho-ho give us a bottle of rum...’

With their belated discovery of pirate chic, as demonstrated on Daggers And Rum, the opening song of their 16th studio record, Anvil offer comprehensive evidence that they remain heavy metal’s most lovable band. A beat off the pace, maybe, but still dancing to their own drum.

They’re on rollicking form here, mainman Lips playing several face-melting solos (Gun Control being typically OTT) and tackling zombies and runaway trains, alongside the more thoughtful Forgive Don’t Forget and Lemmy tribute It’s Your Move.

Fans of their wonderful 2008 movie will delight too in the album cover, featuring a painting by drummer Robb Reiner.