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Annihilator: Feast

Classic Canuck thrashers spread their wings

Canadian metal veterans Annihilator have defied the odds for almost 30 years, delivering classic thrash albums and failing to give up when their North American audience went away in the 90s. Fortunately the UK and Europe have always been strongholds of support, and although Feast is Annihilator’s 14th album, there’s no sign of them running out of inspiration.

It’s the breadth of territory mainman Jeff Waters covers that boggles the mind. If it’s vicious thrash metal you’re after, Deadlock and Fight The World are the songs to go for. Snotty punk attitude infuses Wrapped, while Perfect Angel Eyes is a brilliantly syrupy radio ballad.

Then there’s rock epic One Falls, Two Rise and an oddity in No Surrender, a late 80s-style funk-metal workout. There’s also a 15-song bonus disc of re-recorded Annihilator classics. Feast deserves its title, as you’ll be dining on its contents for ages.