American Fangs: American Fangs

Texan rock hopefuls fail to draw first blood

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If their name wasn’t obvious enough, American Fangs couldn’t scream “USA!” any more if their CD came wrapped in the Stars And Stripes.

Clearly gunning for the big American radio rock demographic, they nail the formula well, especially on the swagger-packed Le Kick and the driving Last Time. The only drawback comes from them sounding like Buckcherry if someone had washed their mouths out and sat them in the naughty corner. While their pop sensibilities provide some catchy moments, ultimately it’s rock’n’roll without the sex and drugs. It just feels too nice, especially on the sappy Sorry, which veers worryingly close to Kings Of Leon at times. The saving grace comes in the form of frontman Gabriel Cavazos. With a vocal performance packed with personality, it paints a picture of a star just waiting to get noticed. They may not be quite there yet but this is a decent first step towards airwave domination.

Via De Goot Recordings