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Album Review: WILL WILDE

Live In Hamburg (ROCK THE EARTH)


‘The Hendrix of the harmonica’ gives rock solid blues performance in Germany.

This atmospheric first live recording cements Wilde’s reputation as one of the most accomplished and inventive blues harmonica players in Britain. If I Get My Hands On You and On The Road Again reveal Canned Heat’s influence (albeit infused with Wilde’s creativity). What Makes People is raw, high-octane Chicago-style blues (with the bandleader’s powerful vocal delivery preceding a lung-bursting harp solo), while Your Days Are Numbered brings funky jazz rhythms into the mix.

Wilde is at his explosive best on Paranoia, his fervent, expressive harp technique with incredible breath control complementing the anguished vocals. The slow-burning, neck-tingling version of Buddy Guy’s A Man And The Blues is equally impressive and confirms Wilde’s status as first and foremost a seriously good all-round bluesman. Drummer Alan Taylor and bassist Victoria Smith drive the band with power and nuance while Danny Giles delivers both searing and sensitive guitar solos throughout.