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After The Burial: Wolves Within

Math-metal Minnesotans play to their own strengths

Of all the bands coming through that are doing the math-jazz-djent-polyrhythmic Messhuggah-worship right now, After The Burial seem to be the ones who those in the know are the most excited about.

And Wolves Within is exciting, primarily because ATB have enough nous to know that you can’t go toe-to-toe with the Swedish maestros and expect to come out looking anything other than second best.

So they’ve decided that, rather than just chug away in clever time patterns, it’s a good idea to stick in some double-pace blasting, like on Virga, and some killer guitar leads, as they do on Disconnect, to break it up a touch. Mind you when they do enter into a riff-off, there wouldn’t be many bands around who could touch the steel-fisted punch to the face that is the centrepiece of Neo Soul or the aural hundred hand slap that drives Parise.

After The Burial are certainly a clever bunch and there are far worse things that you could do than pick this album up straight away.