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Aenaon: Extance

Greek black metallers mark out a tangent

Greece’s Aenaon are slightly left of the black metal field, incorporating a distinctly Hellenic tone while not being afraid to weave sections of saxophone into the tapestry of rage. Deathtrip Chronicle includes uplifting harmonies to take the song to the next level and Grau Diva swirls with an impressively catchy chorus that belies its BM roots.

The nifty little symphonic line that runs through the rest of the song adds to the progressive slant the band are on, and lifts their second full length in their nine years as a band to new heights. Aenaon aren’t breaking down any genre barriers with Extance but their sound is distinctly their own. And despite having a lead for worst songtitle of 2014 with Pornocrates, the record is an impressive step forward for the band.

The piano-led outro of Land Of No Water segues seamlessly into the instrumental jazz style of Algernon’s Decadence – and while Extance does draw comparisons with Ihsahn’s solo work, Aenaon tread a path of singular experimentation and their avant-garde hooks are deeply affecting and defiantly obscure.