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Adam Sweet: Small Town Thinking

Heartfelt blues wails and solos, Mississippi-style, via Devon.

Singer-songwriter Adam Sweet may have been born and raised in England’s south-west, but he’s got the bluesman thing down to a tee, bellowing out songs about lost love and the life on the blues trail like a New Orleans native.

Sweet is no mere copyist, though: his debut album is stuffed with fresh ideas, allowing his clear vocals and considered guitar melodies to ring out over economical song arrangements. For example, I Work Alone demonstrates his ability to switch from emotion-heavy peaks to subtle reflection, while You Think You’re Lonely is a cooler, more restrained exercise in acoustic introspection.

One minor criticism is the songs on Small Town Thinking can be heard in more or less any blues-friendly pub and club across the country. If Sweet is to rise any further, he’ll need to dig deeper for a more original approach.

Via Neo Music