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Acid Mothers Temple & Melting Paraiso UFO: Ripper At The Heaven's Gate

Cosmic thrills for space-rock-heads.

With the current moral panic over legal highs, it’s not too far out of the realms of possibility that MPs and other guardians of the nation’s morals will soon be calling for the works of Japanese psychedelic space rock collective Acid Mothers Temple to be banned.

Quite frankly, if you really want to take that journey to the centre of the mind without chemicals, then the music of Kawabata Makoto and associates is one way to go.

This latest opus from the prolific masters of the universe is one of the best in ages, a Day-Glo fusion of ’72-‘75 Hawkwindesque cosmic metal with a liberal dash of mental Amon Düül II LSD bletherings.

The weightless space jam opener Chinese Flying Saucer and the phosphene inducing Shine on You Crazy Dynamite are AMT at their mind-blowing best.