AC/DC Live! - Album Review

Is AC/DC's second live album worth your time?

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Live (1992)

AC/DC’s second live album was recorded over several dates on 1991’s The Razor’s Edge Tour and features tracks cut in Glasgow, Moscow, Donington, Birmingham (England) and Edmonton, Canada. If you considered it as a follow up to If You Want Blood, the setlist works as a celebration of the Brian Johnson years: the likes of Heatseeker, Money Talks, Thunderstruck and, of course, tracks from Back In Black, nestle against half a dozen Bon-era tracks – and don’t suffer by the comparison. At all.

Live is a triumphant refutation to anyone who still claims ‘DC died with Bon. Jonno is in fine voice and good humour throughout, and the live setting gives Angus space to stretch out a bit. Released as a single and double disc Collector’s Edition, it’s worth getting the latter, mostly because you get to hear the band’s epic 14 minute, solo-laced, take on Jailbreak, but also just because – duh – more AC/DC is obviously better than less.

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