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Abscess: Bourbon, Blood and Butchery

Death metal filthmongers dig out some rotten rarities

Formed from the ashes of Autopsy, Abscess were in many ways a continuation and this collection of split EP tracks, live and rehearsal tapes showcases their fetid brand of death perfectly. Like Autopsy, Abscess were a shower of utter depravity and sickness.

Their influences were very much on show, from the scuzzy hardcore of Discharge and Black Flag (Nervous Breakdown is covered here) to the early death metal of Slaughter and Possessed, via some classic Trouble-esque doom. It’s all delivered with the sort of zombie swagger you’ve come to love from Chris Reiffert and his assorted deviants, and boasting the sort of production that brings to mind nameless things climbing out of centuries-old plague pits in search of warm flesh.

If Eyehategood are too polished for you, and Venom much too polite for your liking, then Abscess were the answer to your desperate prayers. Bourbon… works well both as a collection of rare tracks for the fan and as introduction for the curious.