Abhorrent Decimation: Miasmic Mutation

London’s new kings on the death metal chopping block

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Given the sheer quality of these nine tracks, it’s really quite mind-boggling that Miasmic Mutation is only the debut full-length from death metal crew Abhorrent Decimation.

Bludgeoning, laden with groove and played with a frightening technical precision, the five-piece have, from within a modern sound, captured the vital essence that made death metal such an important genre.

Glaciate The Servants and Eternal Repulsion crush with abandon and bring to mind likes Deicide and Cannibal Corpse, while ...For The Desperately Lost fires off with an unstoppable impetus, and the dissonant moments of The Icon Of Loss and Terminal Reality help to lend a modern edge to the carnage that runs throughout the entirety of this record.

A thing of violent beauty, Miasmic Mutation has the kind of brutality, assured technical proficiency and memorable songs that many of the Londoners’ better-known peers would offer up parts of their anatomy for.