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Abhomine: Larvae Offal Swine

Black/death metal loudmouth goes down the solo route

Abhomine album

2015 felt like payback time for Pete Helmkamp: besides a massive boxset collecting his entire Order From Chaos discography, he reactivated both Angelcorpse and the ephemeral Kerasphorus while announcing the launch of his first proper solo project, Abhomine.

Bar the drums, this is his first work as sole creator, but don’t expect any drastic departure.

If you’ve followed him throughout his various past ventures, you know the kind of dirty lava flow you’re going to get. Not quite as chaotic as Kerasphorus, or as obsessed with Morbid Angel and dense as Angelcorpse, yet adorned with a vicious and grainy guitar tone, Larvae Offal Swine is nevertheless made for its master: an ever-boiling pot of hate whose complex and nihilistic lyrical content is inversely proportional to the rather straightforward music it supports.

But with only seven proper songs and a running time of 27 minutes, this doesn’t feel like a real statement, more a snippet of what is yet to come.