10 Years - (How To Live) As Ghosts album review

Knoxville hard rockers give themselves little room to manoeuvre

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Coming surprisingly shortly after what was supposed to be 10 Years’ last ever album, From Birth To Burial, (How To Live) As Ghosts is a release that fulfils the basics of any good alternative/heavy rock record, but, frustratingly, refuses to expand upon its own intriguing ideas. The album is a very short one that dances over sections which, with more time, could evolve into impactful movements. Single Novacaine possesses sumptuous riffs from the bass and guitar, but its sub-three-minute running time ends them as abruptly as they begin. Ballads like Ghosts and Halos fare better, their emotive, clean verses juxtaposed against climactic choruses, all of which worm their way into the ear with a sheer, infectious bombast that permeates the entire album. For those looking for more than a catchy sing-along, this is a promising but ultimately rushed ride.