Zakk Wylde needs to get 'aggressive' after acoustic gigs


Zakk Wylde has revealed the unusual methods he uses to blow off steam after an acoustic gig.

The Black Label Society mainman is working on the follow-up to his solo acoustic album Book Of Shadows, with the work due for release early next year and set to be followed by a world tour.

And while he loves the laid-back atmosphere of the acoustic show every bit as much as a BLS event, he does miss the release that comes with a plugged-in gig.

He jokes: “I love doing both, the heavy thing and then the mellow thing. Right after we get done doing the acoustic show, I just smash my head up against a wall several times and masturbate furiously – I get the aggression out that way. It balances out.”

As for what fans can expect of Book Of Shadows II, he adds: “That’s what we’re working on right now. I can’t believe the album is 20 years old.

“But we’re always writing mellow stuff. I mean, once I get done doing the heavy thing for a while and writing riffs, once you get worn out on that, I’ll just either sit behind a piano or pick up an acoustic, and then it just puts you in a different state of mind when you’re writing.”

Earlier this year, Wylde admitted life backstage is boring since he quit drinking.