Yngwie Malmsteen details World On Fire

Yngwie Malmsteen
Yngwie Malmsteen (Image credit: Getty)

Yngwie Malmsteen will launch his album World On Fire on June 1.

The Swedish guitarist says he spent two years working on the record between tours – which he says made the songwriting process “inspiring.”

Malmsteen says: “I spent two years working on it, touring, recording, touring, recording. And that’s actually much better in a way.

“Back in the day I would write the songs then rehearse them with some musicians, then go and do a backing track and we’d record it, mix it, learn the songs to go play them on tour, then do it all again. That way isn’t necessarily conducive to making the best music.

“So in a very backhanded way, this weird twist of fate in the music industry has actually made it a more inspiring environment. I can write anytime and record anytime.

“My recording studio is always open, 24 hours. I can just record when I want and it’s a beautiful thing.”

World On Fire can be pre-ordered via Amazon.

Yngwie Malmsteen World On Fire tracklist

  1. World On Fire
  2. Sorcery
  3. Abandon
  4. Top Down, Foot Down
  5. Lost In The Machine
  6. Largo - EBM
  7. No Rest For The Wicked
  8. Soldier
  9. Duf 1220
  10. Abandon (Slight Return)
  11. Nacht Musik

Yngwie Malmsteen tour dates 2016

May 19: Mexico City Teatro Metropolitan, Mexico
May 23: Curitiba Espaco Cult, Brazil
Sep 17: Irvine Meadows Amphitheater, CA

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