Billy Zoom bouyed by support over new cancer battle

X guitarist Billy Zoom says he is overwhelmed by fan support as he begins chemotherapy treatment for bladder cancer.

The veteran punk feared he and family would lose their home as a result of medical bills – until fans raised $76,000 of a $50,000 target via a GoFundMe campaign.

It’s his second time facing cancer after being treated in 2010.

Zoom says: “Facing months of cancer treatment is tough, but not as tough as worrying about taking care of my family through it all.

“We still hadn’t completely recovered financially from my last bout with cancer. I really wasn’t sure, aside from lots of prayer, how I was going to manage to keep our home and family together through this.”

He continues: “Our most heartfelt thanks go out to those of you who have contributed to our wellbeing, so that our energies may be concentrated on beating this – and reassuring our children that their daddy is going to be okay.”

Zoom tells Rolling Stone: “I’m overwhelmed. I can’t say enough about things people are doing and their concern. It certainly takes a lot of the stress away. I still have the part about being sick and everything, but it’s made a huge difference.”

He says of his illness: “It’s so far probably less life-threatening – but probably more painful. All cancer’s bad. I thought I was through with it. It’s upsetting to know it’s still there. I try to do it a day at a time, because it’s too scary if I go further than that.

He’ll endure two six-week sessions of chemo followed by a reassessment of his progress. Jesse Dylan will stand in on X’s upcoming US dates, with planned festival appearances under discussion.