Why is everyone making fun of Greta Van Fleet?

Greta Van Fleet trend on TikTok
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Open up the video-sharing social media app TikTok, and you may be met with many, many videos of Greta Van Fleet's frontman Josh Kiszka. Or at least, their fans (or foes) pretending to be Josh Kiszka as part of a comical new trend. 

So why is everyone making fun of Greta Van Fleet, you ask? Well, let us take you back to that infamous SNL performance from 2019. As footage resurfaces from the night, showing the band playing the soul-stirring chart topper You're The One, taken from their album Anthem of the Peaceful Army, users were quick to imitate it due to one defining factor – Kiszka's quirky stage mannerisms.

You may have already noticed, but the Michigan rockers are clearly true fans of their art, and really, really feel what it is they're playing. So much so that Kiszka has a habit for marking each moment with a bizarre facial expression that looks as if he's trying – and failing – to ignore the uncomfortable stirrings arising from his belly after an extra-spicy Vindaloo.

Seriously though, there's no ill-intent here, and we think Kiszka's fidgety face is positively unique. Plus, it's been the inspiration behind many chucklesome memes, so what's not to love?

Following the trend, Greta Van Fleet's sales of the song have sky-rocketed, taking it from its original chart position at number 5 in 2019, to re-entering the Hard Rock Digital Song Sales at number 2. Moreover, from July 16 to 22, the band earned 7.6 million on-demand streams of their catalogue, with 6,000 digital downloads of their songs and 5,000 downloads in album sales. Their latest material has also been impacted, with single Heat Above, lifted from their newest album The Battle At Garden's Gate, seeing a 62% boost with 1,000 downloads, while older tune Highway Tune receives a gain of 410%.

View a few of our favourite videos from the trend below, or search for the "Greta Van Fleet Challenge" over on TikTok for more.


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