We Are Harlot Danny fancies Baywatch role


We Are Harlot frontman Danny Worsnop has added to his acting CV with a part in a horror musical – and admits his dream role would be on The Rock’s rumoured Baywatch movie.

The former Asking Alexandria singer appears in Alleluia: The Devil’s Carnival – the second part in The Devil’s Carnival series. He plays a character called The Smith, who is one of the so-called ‘minions of hell’.

Worsnop tells Alternative Press that he got involved when he met director Darren Lynn Bousman at a screening of the first Devil’s Carnival film. He adds: “After the movie, we were talking, and they were like, ‘We’d really like you to do the second one.’

“I was instantly very excited, but by the time it got to figuring out when shooting times were, I was on tour. So we had to cancel it. And then, when I had a tour canceled last minute, I hit them up.”

On his character, Worsnop says: “The Smith believes himself to be a lot smarter than the other minions of hell, and he’s very unimpressed by what they think are genius and foolproof plans and ideas. He sees through it all.”

The singer has previously worked on the film What Now, and he enjoyed the latest experience so much that he has signed up a manager for his acting work. As for what’s next, he says: “The Rock is remaking Baywatch. I’d love to get a part in that.”

We Are Harlot’s self-titled debut album was released earlier this year.