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Watch Dave Grohl break a sweat whilst being interrogated and eating hot wings

Dave Grohl
(Image credit: Hot Ones)

Kicking back with Dave Grohl while sharing a few drinks and a plate of extremely hot wings sounds more like the sort of thing you'd expect to find on someone's ultimate rockstar fantasy checklist than something you might actually bear witness to in reality. However, YouTube hit series Hot Ones has stepped in and made this particular dream a reality.

On a recent episode of the now hugely popular show, which boasts having "the hot questions and even hotter wings", Grohl is invited to put his taste buds to the test while engaging in an incredibly wholesome chinwag with host Sean Evans.

It turns out that the Foos mainman is actually a huge fan of the series, and spends some time recalling a handful of his favourite moments from the show. Grohl additionally suggests the pair help themselves to numerous alcoholic beverages throughout the duration, which, as time passes, becomes more and more obvious. 

Because the vocalist is also a homemaker as well as multi-award winning rockstar, Grohl is of course a BBQ master. When he's not slinging an axe, he's wielding BBQ tongs, slathering home-made sauces on things and smoking meats (it's a dad thing). Sharing his preferences, he says "I like a real good mix of just salt and pepper, no matter what I bring out whether it's pork or beef.

"You can get fancy with sugars. You can get fancy with cumin and things like that, but I'm really simple when it comes to that stuff because it really comes down to the time, the temperature and the smoke."

Discussing what it takes to be a skilful percussionist, Grohl goes on to say "My sign of a good drummer is if you hear about 15 seconds of their playing and you know who it is, no matter how technical, you just know who it is. It's the feel and the feel is indefinable. It's like a fingerprint."

Throughout the episode, the pair cover a range of subjects including Grohl's fascination with UFOs, performance injuries, how production can affect the final product of an album, what he's learned from covering other people's songs and more. This all takes place while Grohl appears more and more dishevelled from the sweat-inducing taste sensations and one too many shots.

Towards the end, Grohl enthuses over what it was like appearing on Saturday Night Live for the first time, and how he feels about appearing on Hot Ones.

"I gotta be honest. I'm not kidding dude. When I was a kid, I learned to love music watching Saturday Night Live and I walked onto that set for the first time in 1992 like, 'Holy shit, I'm here'" he recalls.

"As a teenager I watched the David Letterman show every fucking night as I did bong hit after bong hit after bong hit and I walked out onto that stage like, 'Oh my God, I'm here."

Showing his enthusiasm over getting the chance to finally appear on Hot Ones, Grohl says, "For years I've watched this fucking show and I finally walked onto this set and saw those sauces and saw your face and was like, 'Yes! Bucket list! Bam!' The only thing I have left in my life to do is jam with AC/DC."

Watch the episode below:

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