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Vinnie Paul on his relationship with booze

Vinnie Paul says he drinks every night and that he "loves it" – but he insists he is always 100% fit for gigs.

The former Pantera and current Hellyeah drummer said last week that pickle juice was his miracle hangover cure. And he has now discussed his drinking habits in more detail, saying he can’t understand bands who play video games on their tour bus rather than go out partying.

Hellyeah are currently on a North American tour with Volbeat and Five Finger Death Punch.

Paul tells The Jasta Show: “I still drink every night and I love it, but it wouldn’t be good for me to go stumbling into Five Finger’s dressing room skunk drunk and blowing shots up for everybody, because it’s gonna possibly affect their performance. People have a lot on the line with these tours these days, and they really don’t want that fun side of rock and roll.

“I remember, in 1999, when we did the last Ozzfest that we were part of, and I think Disturbed was on it, Static-X, obviously Ozzy, us, and we were the only band on the tour that had a rider that had any alcohol.

“Nobody else had it. And I’m, like, what is going on? I mean, this is 99. And I’m, like, ‘Man, this ain’t what it used to be.’ These guys finish their set, they go out to their bus and play Nintendo or call their girlfriends. What happened to rock and roll, man?

“I’m out going to titty bars every night, I’m out going to rock bars, I’ll sit in and jam with bands, I’m drinking my ass off. Once I’m done, I’m done. I’m ready to have a good time.

“Knock on wood, I haven’t had any liver problems or anything yet. But I drink a lot of water. I drink vodka and water. And I drink Pedialyte and I drink pickle juice and I do all these things that rehydrate me from the alcohol.”

While he talks up his love of partying on the road, Paul does admit that moderation means he is still able to cut it live.

He adds: “The most important thing about drinking on the road is just you’ve gotta do it in moderation, first of all. You’ve gotta know your limits. Don’t wake up with a bottle of vodka in your hand. You wake up every day and rehydrate yourself and get ready for that concert. That’s the most important thing. You can’t give people 100% when you’re wasted up there – it just doesn’t work, man.”

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