Vandenberg open to Whitesnake return

Adrian Vandenberg says he's open to the idea of returning to Whitesnake – but there would be one important condition attached.

The Dutch guitarist became David Coverdale’s right-hand man in the mid-80s and left when the band split in 1997. He was replaced by Doug Aldrich when Whitesnake regrouped in 2002 – but Aldrich announced his departure earlier this month.

Vandenberg recently returned to action with his new band Vandenberg’s Moonkings. He tells Radio Fireball (via Blabbermouth): “David and I will do something in the future, whether it’s with the two of us acoustically, or whether it’s a blues album, a rock album or a tour.

“We’re too good friends not to do it, and we have much fun working together.”

He describes his time with Whitesnake as “a great period of time,” adding: “We were really successful – but the most important thing for me is enjoying making music in a great band. That’s what we did.”

And he says he was never a victim of Coverdale’s allegedly difficult attitude. “It’s David’s band, and I respect that. But I never felt it as a ‘boss’ situation. We were really good friends.

“He takes his work very seriously, and if there’s somebody in the band who doesn’t, then he gets pissed off. He thinks everybody should be as focused and as serious about music as he is. That’s how I am too, so that’s why we got along very well.”

Vandenberg summaries his attitude to a reunion as “never say never.” But he states: “It has to be next to Moonkings – not instead of.”

His band’s self-titled debut album was launched in February, complete with a cover of Whitesnake track Sailing Ships featuring Coverdale as a guest.

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