Upon A Burning Body: 'You Go Home Talking Of Us'

Texan death metal hellraisers Upon A Burning Body hit the UK with Five Finger Death Punch this month.

We’re pretty damn excited at the idea of those two stage-crushers going toe-to-toe, so we caught up with the UABB guys in our brand new issue for a chat about their relationship with the UK, and why stealing the show is the name of the game.

“In the States, we’ve toured and toured and seen us slowly grow, a little bit more each time we come back to a city, but we come to the UK for the first time and it’s already awesome,” explains frontman Danny Leal of the quintet’s fast-established affinity with our fair isle. “The first time we went over there, we didn’t know what to expect, but we had a ton of kids turn up that were all singing our lyrics. It was like, ‘Are we dreaming?!’ Now, we’re in all of these cool [UK] magazines, doing interviews with you guys…it just blows me away that we can do all these things having only been to the UK twice. That’s why we’re the most stoked about going back there.”

“Usually, you’re touring with bands that are or maybe become your friends, and it’s a good time and whatnot, but when you’re on stage…my job is to make my band the band that you go home and talk about. ‘Yeah, the show’s cool, but that one band? Upon A Burning Body.’ That’s what I want to send people home thinking, and if we can do that, then we’re in pretty good shape. We’ve stayed in that mindset, so yes, we try to steal every single show.”

Five Finger Death Punch and Upon A Burning Body play the following venues:

Mar 30 London Forum

Mar 31 London Forum

Apr 1 Manchester Academy

Apr 3 Glasgow Academy