Ulrich: Making Through The Never 'Energised' Us

Despite its disappointing box office run, Lars Ulrich remains convinced that making Through The Never helped to reinvigorate Metallica for their new album.

“Well, I think anytime you do anything, obviously at some point you’re disappointed,” Lars tells Rolling Stone. “It seemed with Some Kind Of Monster, there was a group of people that fell in love the film that that weren’t necessarily Metallica fans. And I think that we were thinking that there was a shot of that happening too [with Through The Never] and that didn’t happen. Maybe we were disappointed that that didn’t happen.

“This movie, I would like to say in my own selfish way, really should be seen on a big screen,” he adds. “If you’ll get something out of it on an eight-inch monitor on an airplane, I think that’s totally cool — and obviously I want people see it any way they can but, given a preference, I would rather they see it on an IMAX screen rather than an eight-inch monitor on an airplane. But I can’t control that. And the minute you let go of it, you let go of it.

Lars also notes that working on the movie helped to inspire Metallica to actually get on with making a new album, adding that “it gave us a chance to experience a whole other way of being creative and having a creative outlet. We were very inspired by making that [movie], and now we’re energised to make a record. The film was fun, but it’s all about the next record.”

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