Trivium: 'Record With Draiman Again? Possibly!'

Trivium guitar maestro Corey Beaulieu has suggested that the metal heavyweights could repeat their decision to enlist David Draiman for production duties on last year’s Vengeance Falls.

The move came as a huge surprise to many fans, but it seems that the band are open to calling on Davey D once again should the opportunity arise.

“Possibly,” is Corey’s answer to whether they’d work with the Disturbed and Device frontman again. “I’m sure that by the time we do another record, I’m assuming that Disturbed will probably be back. Who knows? He’s a busy guy, so it’s all up in the air.

“You always have a really good experience recording with somebody, and it’s like, ‘It’d be great to record with them again’, but when it comes down to doing another record, they’re doing another project or recording someone else, so it always depends on that. He’s a great dude, so whether we do the next record with him or not, we learned a lot from him.”