Tom Warrior fought back from the brink


Triptykon mainman Tom Warrior has suggested he confronted suicidal thoughts during the writing of latest album Melana Chasmata – but he doesn't want to go into detail simply to sell records.

The work took almost four years to complete as Warrior, real name Thomas Gabriel Fischer, struggled with depression and other personal issues, without realised his bandmates were suffering similar issues.

He tells Noisey: “My life has drastically changed, and most of those changes have been outside any spectrum of choice.

“And I’m not the only one in the band who has had dramatic changes to their private lives. We didn’t know that when we started the album, of course.

“I was really close to losing everything—much closer than anyone reading this can probably imagine.”

Warrior reports that he and his colleagues are “well into the recovery phase” with respect to their personal problems. And while there might come a time to discuss them in detail, he doesn’t believe it would be right at the moment.

He reflects: “I think it’s pathetic to promote an album on the strength of your personal tragedy. Reality TV stars promote their work on personal tragedy and I cringe when I see that or read that. It’s embarrassing.

“I can explain the reasons why this album sounds the way it does, but at this point I think that’s as far as I should go. There’s just got to be a line somewhere.

“Maybe some years down the line, one can look back and explain things but I think it would be very cheap for me to say, ‘We had a hard time – buy our album.’”

Melana Chasmata is on sale now via Century Media.