There's now a Christian-themed cover of Survivor's Eye Of The Tiger and Jesus, Mary, Joseph and the wee donkey, it's the sound of hell on earth

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When one thinks of the best motivational music, Survivor's 1982 classic Eye Of The Tiger is usually at the top of the list. Released as the theme song for Rocky III, the anthem is forever instilled in our minds thanks to the scene that sees everyone's favourite boxing champ (played by Sylvester Stallone) working up a sweat in preparation to fight off new competition. Plus, it's always welcome at karaoke, so what's not to love?

Cheesy it may be, Eye Of The Tiger is all about keeping your eyes on the prize, crushing your enemies and rising up to meet your best self. It's powerful stuff. So, we can kind of see why it was so easily reworked by this Christian church to be a song about keeping your eyes on the prize (Jesus), crushing your enemies (Satan), and rising up to meet your best self (sins begone!).

During the sermon of one Christian church in the US, a devotedly religious couple called Nick and Haley Gaglione covered the rock anthem, and have since found their video of the performance spiralling across all corners of the internet to erm, many mixed reviews.

For the most part, viewers are flabbergasted how the already cheesy song has somehow managed to escalate in cringe. Although, we're pretty sure it's down to the couple's revised lyrics. The fact that the pair - who also go by the name 2ForChrist - are so enthusiastic about their creation too, adds to its awkwardness, considering their audience seem about as interested in the performance as a hardcore Cannibal Corpse fan at a Mariah Carey concert. 

Some of our favourite lyrics include: 'Rising up, right to the top, fight for Christ, give him glory', and also the rapped line 'Listen. Before I was a Christian, something was missing, felt a little distant, dark-resisting'. To be honest, all the lyrics are brilliant (in their own way).

Later in the performance, after some lines about defeating Satan, Nick runs off into the crowd while punching the air in token Rocky style, while trying (and subsequently failing) to squeeze a response out the audience. Nevertheless, the duo remain as chipper as ever, and finish back to back in a triumphant pose. 

Before our skin tries to detach itself from our bodies in hope of escaping the overwhelming sense of cringe, here it is below. 


♬ Eye of the Tiger - Survivor
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