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The Defiled limp on after bassist's onstage rampage

The excitement of playing the main stage at Sonisphere proved too much for Vincent Hyde as he smashed his only bass – leaving him to play the rest of the show with the damaged instrument.

The Defiled’s bassist got a bit carried away as he demolished his guitar on stage – but with no back up bass he had to limp through the set with a damaged guitar – much to the amusement of his band mates.

Keyboard player The AvD told TeamRock Radio: “He thought he was a rock ‘n’ roll hero and there were probably more basses back stage, but there weren’t.

“Three songs in we just heard this smashing and thought he was stomping his feet, but there’s a £2000 bass in shatters.”

Despite the bass woes, the band loved opening the Apollo Stage at Knebworth today.

The AvD adds: “We have now played every stage at Sonisphere. When we heard we were on the main stage we were sat the pub and we were ecstatic. We were prepared to be bottled, but there was a sea of people.

“It was awesome to see it as justifies us putting entire lives on hold to be in a rock ‘n’ roll band.”

The Defiled speak to Sonisphere Radio, powered by TeamRock (opens in new tab)