The 20 Million Club podcast: is Queen's Greatest Hits a proper album?

Queen's Greatest Hits
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The fourth episode of Classic Rock's new podcast The 20 Million Club is out now: a look at Queen's Greatest  Hits, an album which – unbelievably – has just reached the Billboard Top 10 again.   

Hosted by British broadcasting legend Nicky Horne, this episode of The 20 Million Club also features guests appearances from Classic Rock editor Siân Llewellyn, alongside Scott Rowley, head of music magazines at Future plc.

In this episode the fearsome trio discuss Queen's Greatest Hits, the UK’s all-time best-selling album. But are greatest hits albums even proper albums, or is it a massive cheat? 

The team discuss the idea of The Album in the age of the playlist and go through the many highlights and occasional lowlights of Greatest Hits. 

PLUS: Is Fat Bottomed Girls a body positive anthem? What would it sound like is Elvis sang Crazy Little Thing Called Love? And more. 

The first episode saw the team discuss AC/DC’s Back In Black. Episode 2 focussed on Led Zeppelin's 4th album, and the last episode wallowed in the splendour of Alanis Morisette's Jagged Little Pill.  

The 20 Million Club can be listened to right now on Apple Podcasts and Spotify or anywhere you get podcasts. There will be four more episodes to come in this season. Subscribe to never miss an episode and please leave a review.


The comment on a Guardian story that kicks off the podcast. It's either the perfect encapsulation of the album purist or the perfect parody of the album purist:

Comment on the guardian

The comment on The Guardian.  (Image credit: The Guardian)

Crazy Little Thing Called Love by "Elvis":

And another story on The Guardian about why Queen's Greatest Hits is back in the charts this year.

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