Testament tried to get Dave Lombardo to audition… he refused

Dave Lombardo
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Former Slayer drummer Dave Lombardo was asked to make a video audition before returning to Testament – and immediately refused.

Lombardo appeared on Testament’s 1999 album The Gathering but left before the band started touring it. He rejoined earlier this year after Gene Hoglan bowed out. 

But guitarist Eric Peterson, the only remaining founding member, wanted to be cautious before confirming the lineup change. “Dave… I remember his name got brought up and we were like, ‘No, he’s in Suicidal Tendencies, he’s in the Misfits, he’s in this, he’s in that,’” he told Bravewords.

Soon after Hoglan’s departure had been announced, vocalist Chuck Billy got in touch with Peterson. “Chuck called me and says, ‘Guess who I just talked to?’ and I go, ‘I don’t know.’ He says, ‘Dave Lombardo,’ and I’m like, ‘What? No way.’”

So Peterson called Lombardo, aware that over two decades had passed since the drummer had last worked on Testament material. “I ask if he can send a video of some songs and he goes, ‘I don’t need to do no fuckin’ video.’ I go, ‘Okay, you’re all good.’”

He described Lombardo as “the obvious choice” even though “there were some other drummers that were younger or maybe knew more songs.” He quickly decided that the change “made sense” and “would make people happy.”

Peterson reflected: “We already know that he is badass. He came up and we jammed for a couple of weeks. It took a little bit longer because it’s a lot of information. He’s more analog. But I’m glad we did it.”

Testament are currently touring Europe before a North American run commences in September.

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