Testament aim for Gathering sound

Testament frontman Chuck Billy has revealed he wants their upcoming album to sound like 1999’s The Gathering.

Billy says that album cemented the band’s style, producing tracks that “will stand the test of time.” And he insists they’re focusing on something similar in the studio this time around.

He tells Shor Bazaar: “We don’t know until it’s complete, but we’ve talked about what we would hope it would be. I would like it to sound along the lines of The Gathering, because it was such a turnaround record for the band. We really found our style and place, and the songs, to me, are probably gonna be songs that stand the test of time.”

“We started experimenting with blast beats and a different style of guitar rhythms and picking on the guitars. It was different for us and I really like where that went. We hope that’s where it ends up – that’s what we’re shooting for.”

The follow-up to 2012’s Dark Roots Of Earth is expected in March 2015 and will feature Steve DiGiorgio on bass, following the departure of Greg Christian. Christian recently slammed his former band, saying they were “cruel” after a disagreement over money.