Sorum has no problem with Weiland


Velvet Revolver and Kings Of Chaos drummer Matt Sorum says he has no problem with former VR frontman Scott Weiland.

The pair met at this week’s Classic Rock Awards ceremony in LA – and Sorum insists he just wants to enjoy life and make music.

He tells VH1 Radio Network: “At this point in my career I just want to have fun. I’ve got a beautiful wife, I just for married – I just want to be a kid again, play rock and roll, make a couple of bucks and just enjoy life.

“That wasn’t always so enjoyable. We made good music and this life’s so short you just want to have the most amount of fun as possible. That’s what I’m doing with Kings Of Chaos.”

Velvet Revolver have been on hiatus since firing Weiland in 2008 – although Slash recently revealed the band are actively looking for a vocalist. And Weiland reveals he holds no grudges towards Sorum and didn’t feel awkward when he met him at the event.

He says: “No, not at all. We’ve done a couple of shows together before in the last couple of years.”

Meanwhile, Weiland has just completed work The Wildabouts new album and reveals they’ll launch a single before the end of November.

He tells Vintage Rock: “We’re waiting to put out the Internet single this month and then we’ll be putting out our radio single after the first of the year.”

He previously described the album as a “whole new experience” and revealed it’s different from his previous work.

He said: “This is much more of an indie-sounding record but it still is very much a rock and roll record. There’s big, fuzzy riffs and it’s a whole new experience.”