Someone’s turned a classic Alex Jones meltdown into an emotional Midwest emo banger

Alex Jones and emo guitarist
(Image credit: Jon Cherry/Getty Images, Two Year Old Bear)

Sometimes the world can feel just a little too...loud. As we flicker through our feeds and radio stations, we discover that the most volume often radiates from select individuals who feel it important to air their voices and controversial opinions with as much force as a foghorn being trumpeted through a megaphone. 

Thankfully, we always have the option to turn ourselves away, or to engage with such personalities in a way that neutralises them in the most hilarious manner possible. The comical creations of Two Year Old Bear is one such great example of the latter.

In a recent video, the musician can be found adding soothing, midwestern emo-style riffs over a rant by the far-right radio host Alex Jones on his wild conspiracy theory show Info Wars. Remember what we said about loud people?

During Jones' frantic on-air bluster, he frantically shouts, smoke practically steaming out from his ears, about, erm...let's see...Planet of the Apes,

Look, we're not entirely sure what's going on, to be honest, but with delicate riffs layered over the top, it almost becomes an enjoyable listen.

For more head-scratching yet amusing content, Two Year Old Bear's Instagram account also sees them experimenting with various other sound clips, such as hilarious scenes from The US Office series starring Steve Carrell as Michael Scott. They also have an affinity for playing Tom Cochrane's mega uplifting anthem Life Is A Highway over inappropriate moments in film, such as the part in The Shining where Jack finally succumbs to insanity and tries to murder his wife through the bathroom door. It's chaotic content...but we appreciate it.

Check out the midwestern emo x Alex Jones take below. TikTok musician Til Now also recently had a similar idea, and riffed along to the famous break-up scene between Ross and Rachel in the well-loved American sitcom Friends.

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