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Pumpkins' Tommy Lee album in the bag says Corgan

Billy Corgan has reported that one of two upcoming Smashing Pumpkins albums is fully tracked.

The mainman says he’s relieved to have finished work on Monuments To An Elegy, which features Motley Crue’s Tommy Lee on drums. All that’s left to do is final mixing, he adds.

Corgan says on the band website: “So it’s done now, and what a relief. I’d most hoped to convey the joy of creativity, and how with any artistic endeavour, when undertaken with friends, makes the journey worthwhile. So let me say for the record that M2AE was one of the easiest and most pleasurable albums I’ve ever made.”

He goes on to describe the tracks as having “big choruses, probing lyrics, odd twists of melody and guitars, guitars for days,” and adds: “If we’re lucky, it’ll be out soon enough.”

Corgan revealed this year the band were working on two albums set for launch next year – Monuments To An Elegy and Day For Night. Both will be out via BMG Records.