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Slipknot's All Out Life breaks YouTube record

Slipknot broke their own YouTube record last week with the video for new single All Out Life.

The band shook the metal world by surprising everyone with the song, as new material from the Iowa heavyweights wasn’t expected until next year.

ABC Radio Online report that the promo notched up a mighty 3.4 million views in its first 24 hours – the most for any Slipknot video in a single day.

The record? K-pop band BTS who gathered a ridiculous 45m views for their Idol video, which launched in August.

At the time of writing, the All Out Life promo has racked up close to 10m views.

Slipknot, meanwhile, are the cover stars of the new-look issue of Metal Hammer magazine, which hit shop shelves today.

The new edition features Corey Taylor, Shawn “Clown” Crahan and former member Joey Jordison who reflect on the impact of their fourth studio album All Hope Is Gone, which this year celebrates it’s 10th anniversary.

In the interview with Jordison, the drummer reveals that he has “a ton of Slipknot demos” at home which could eventually see the light of day.

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