Slipknot in mask share revelation


Slipknot frontman Corey Taylor says the band’s bassist and drummer will share the same mask design on stage.

And he reveals they decided to make the move as they didn’t want to be disrespectful to late bassist Paul Gray and former drummer Joey Jordison.

Taylor tells Loudwire: “We wanted to make something that looked unified but stayed with the spirit of what the band is all about. Instead of trying to find something that was individualistic, Clown designed a mask that the drummer and bass player will both wear.

“On one hand they get a mask but at the same time, it’s not an individual mask that we in the band use. We knew any attempt to do anything like that might be taken as disrespectful, but at the same time, it’s part of the way of moving, getting past the hardest steps.

“We decided we would come up with a mask that works for both the bassist and the drummer, and that’s what they wear on stage.”

Taylor also reveals it took the group a long time to come to terms with Gray’s death but being together in the studio was cathartic.

He continues: “It took us a little time to figure everything out. The thing people don’t realise is that we hadn’t really had a chance to talk about it. That was one of the cool things about being in the studio – we were able to share and talk about what we had felt that day and the days after.

“It took a long time for us to really get to a point where it felt like it was time to make music again. I think because we waited, we were able to kind of deal with all the feelings that go into losing someone as important as Paul was.”

Slipknot will unveil the new masks in the band’s upcoming video The Devil In I, with Taylor previously saying people are in for a surprise.

He said: “My mask changes dramatically because, for me, the mask is a representation of what’s going on spiritually, emotionally, artistically. It’s about what’s coming next. People are going to get a lot when they see this video – it’s going to blow their minds.”

There’s still no confirmation on the identity of the new drummer, although rumours suggest it’s Jay Weinberg, son of Bruce Springsteen sticksman Max.

Slipknot’s new album .5: The Gray Chapter launches on October 20.