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Slash: Iommi deserves medal

Slash has described Tony Iommi as the "pride of Birmingham" as the Sabbath guitarist prepares to be honoured by his home city.

Iommi has been nominated for a Pride Of Birmingham Award, an event which celebrates the city’s most inspiring and courageous people, and will receive his medal on September 26.

Sabbath fan Slash tells the Birmingham Mail: “Tony is one of those guys who inspires everyone. I was brought up on Black Sabbath and he is one of the best rock and roll guitarists out there. As a fellow player I can really appreciate all the nuances of his technique — he is one hell of a guitar player.

“This is the man who invented heavy metal in Birmingham and created Sabbath, a brand nobody can touch. Everyone you meet in rock circles will tell you they were inspired by Black Sabbath and the band’s influence is immeasurable.

“Tony is a great guy and we’ve met on a number of occasions. There’s just no stopping him. He comes down with lymphoma and what does he do? Reform Sabbath and do a world tour.

“He really is the pride of Birmingham and he deserves a fucking medal.”

Guns N’ Roses and Velvet Revolver hero Slash was raised not too far from Birmingham, in Stoke.

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